Training Walk 3: Sunday 15th April – Blackhill 18k approx 4 hours

Meet at the Threipmuir Car Park:08:30 Sunday 15th April

This training walk is the first real hill ( 503 m about 1500ft) and is a great one for stunning views and has one or two bits of real fun.

Long walks are as much about energy as they are about walking – it is important that you get your nutrition and fluid management correct so that you maintain the energy to complete the walk but also to aid recovery. This walk is a good walk to start to practice you food and fluid management.

NOTE: Walking suppresses the appetite so even if you don’t feel hungry – it is important that you are disciplined enough to keep your eneryy levels up.

It is proven that the body can do about 3 hours on the ‘stored’energy but to keep going – you can do more on will power, but you will feel better, move quicker, finish stronger and recover better if you take the following advice:

  1. Drink little and often. If you feel thirsty it is to late – start drinking early and keep drinking a few mouthfuls every so often.
  2. It takes about 3 hours to deplete your available energy and about an hour for your body to break down your food to supply ‘new’ energy – so it is best to start eating about 90 minutes into a walk – it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you put some fuel in – you will be burning 300-400 calories and hour so that is what you need to replace. Some eat and munch regularly – some like to stop and take a break – that choice is up to you.
  3. Post workout fuel aids recovery so have something quickly after you finish – ideally at the end – milk, with a chicken sandwich is kinda ideal for all nutritional needs to aid recovery.

The weather for Sunday is for showers, so come prepared for sun (LOL).

Have fun

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