Final Training Walk

The final training walk is this Sunday 27th May. This is the walk everyone LOVED last year and this year we WILL have the same great weather.

This walk does come with some difficulty though!

It is a LONG walk – it will be HOT. Its time to make sure you eat and drink properly. That means start drinking early BEFORE you feel thirsty. Wear sunscreen / block and a slight breeze can make it feel deceptively cool whilst burning you!

There are one of two points through built up areas where the path is not as well signposted as we would hope – remember tho’ keep the sea to your right and you can’t go far wrong.

The walk does go along the main road at some points – and mainly there is a pavement but take care, especially crossing the road and especially when you are tired.

The start point is North Queensferry Station at 08:30 am start and the finish is at Kirkcaldy station – just under 20 miles (6-7 hours). You need to make your own way back to Queensferry from Kirkcaldy but trains are frequent.



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