Final Training Walk

The final training walk is this Sunday 27th May. This is the walk everyone LOVED last year and this year we WILL have the same great weather.

This walk does come with some difficulty though!

It is a LONG walk – it will be HOT. Its time to make sure you eat and drink properly. That means start drinking early BEFORE you feel thirsty. Wear sunscreen / block and a slight breeze can make it feel deceptively cool whilst burning you!

There are one of two points through built up areas where the path is not as well signposted as we would hope – remember tho’ keep the sea to your right and you can’t go far wrong.

The walk does go along the main road at some points – and mainly there is a pavement but take care, especially crossing the road and especially when you are tired.

The start point is North Queensferry Station at 08:30 am start and the finish is at Kirkcaldy station – just under 20 miles (6-7 hours). You need to make your own way back to Queensferry from Kirkcaldy but trains are frequent.



Training Walk 5: Pentlands 5 Peaks – 6th May

Meet at the Threipmuir Car Park: Sunday 6th May at 08:20 for an 08:30 start.

This is one of the toughest walks on the training – do this and you will go a long way to making sure you make it on the actual walk.

This walk has a gently start going anti-clockwise round the loop, passing Threipmiur and Harlaw reservoirs and gently climbing up to the spectacular views at the Maidens Cleugh and then down to Flotterstone.  Then you start the 5 peaks! This is a stunning skyline walk – with some of the best views in Scotland.

A word about food and drink management. This is a long walk and will take between 5-7 hours. Your body, no matter how fit you are, will run out of energy after about three hours if you don’t top up the food early enough. We recommend that you stop at least twice for a food top up and you need to make sure you carry enough water to see you to the end. Forecast for Sunday is a sunny day with highs of 16C so heat management and liquid management is essential so that you don’t run out of energy. Remember having something to eat and drink at the end, combined with good food and liquid management, is the best way to recover quickly from the walk.(Please also bring sun-screen or a hat – it might feel cool but you can easily get burnt under those conditions).


Training Walk 3: Sunday 15th April – Blackhill 18k approx 4 hours

Meet at the Threipmuir Car Park:08:30 Sunday 15th April

This training walk is the first real hill ( 503 m about 1500ft) and is a great one for stunning views and has one or two bits of real fun.

Long walks are as much about energy as they are about walking – it is important that you get your nutrition and fluid management correct so that you maintain the energy to complete the walk but also to aid recovery. This walk is a good walk to start to practice you food and fluid management.

NOTE: Walking suppresses the appetite so even if you don’t feel hungry – it is important that you are disciplined enough to keep your eneryy levels up.

It is proven that the body can do about 3 hours on the ‘stored’energy but to keep going – you can do more on will power, but you will feel better, move quicker, finish stronger and recover better if you take the following advice:

  1. Drink little and often. If you feel thirsty it is to late – start drinking early and keep drinking a few mouthfuls every so often.
  2. It takes about 3 hours to deplete your available energy and about an hour for your body to break down your food to supply ‘new’ energy – so it is best to start eating about 90 minutes into a walk – it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you put some fuel in – you will be burning 300-400 calories and hour so that is what you need to replace. Some eat and munch regularly – some like to stop and take a break – that choice is up to you.
  3. Post workout fuel aids recovery so have something quickly after you finish – ideally at the end – milk, with a chicken sandwich is kinda ideal for all nutritional needs to aid recovery.

The weather for Sunday is for showers, so come prepared for sun (LOL).

Have fun

Training Walk 2: 25th March Pentland’s – 3 Hours

This is a stunning walk and has some of the best views in Scotland.
There are stunning views of Edinburgh and Fife, Secret Waterfalls the view of the borders from the ‘Maidens Cleugh’ is probably my (Peter Wilson’s) favourite view ever! There are 4 lochs, stunning skylines and even the chance of a coffee and toilets (luxury)  about 2/3 of the way round.
The walk starts in Threipmuir Car Park (click here to open in Google Maps).
The walk will take about 3 hours and involves 2 gentle 🙂  inclines and covers about 15km (just under 10 miles. Please remember your time is not important – this is NOT a race.

Training Walk 1: 11th February 2018 – Beecraigs – Cockelroy

24:in12 has a series of training walks to get you fit and to build the team spirit so you can complete your challenge. The first walk starts at 8:30 am at the Deer Farm Car Park at Beecraigs and takes in the small Cockleroy Hill as part of a two hour walk.

The Walk assumes no prior experience and route guidance, maps and help will be provided. The walk will take about 2 hours. The terrain is mainly on paths but these can be muddy and the slopes of Cockelroy slippy so good footware (boots) are recommended.

Full Route Details (OS Map)