Supported Training

The Walk with the Foundation: 24 in 12 is a challenge!

The 24miles will cover approximately 6,000ft and while it’s on the beautiful West Highland Way some of the paths can be rocky and rough.

The Walk with the Foundation: 24 in 12 is aimed at being not only being motivational but designed to encourage fitness and we would like to make you aware of these very important points:

  1. This walk is achievable by all!
  2. All walkers will need to train.
  3. It’s so much easier as a team!

Training dates need discussed between all walkers but below is an outline training schedule. The training schedule is based on an activity taking place every third Sunday with the initial training walk being held on the 11th February 2017. Walkers are free to join later but we encourage all walkers to join in with all training walks as it builds the team ethos that has worked so well the last 2 years. Our ethos is no one no matter how slow will ever walk on their own!

The training walks will include hills, as it is essential to replicate the type of walking you will complete during the Walk with the Foundation: 24 in 12. The training walks are STUNNING in their own right. Each walk will increase in length and will hopefully replicate some of the terrain you will come across on the 16th of June.

It is essential to highlight that on the 16th of June the AIM is NOT to be the fastest or gain the best time but to make sure everyone completes the walk and in the safest possible way.

Another key element to the training is to see if we can form ability groups, depending on numbers taking part. This will mean we will be able to build small teams that will support and encourage each other during the 24 miles. The actual walk does not require any real skill or massive amounts of expert equipment. You only need the ability to walk, however, we would state that having the right boots to wear is essential as all of the walks won’t be on flat tarmac! You might also benefit from walking poles and perhaps some grim determination!

Proposed Date Rough Time Brief description / Distance
11th February 2 Hour walk Beescraig country park including Cockelroy – about 7 miles.
4th March 3 Hour walk Pentlands (No hill tops but some height) – about 9.5 miles.
25th March 3-4 Hour Walk Loch Leven Circular (Flat) 13miles
15th April 3-4 Hour walk Pentlands (Blackhill one hill) – about 11 miles.
22nd April 5-6 Hour walk The Lomond’s – Fife – about 12 Miles and West Lomond
6th May 6-7 Hour walk Pentlands (5 Peaks) – about 14 miles.
27th May 9-10 Hour walk 20 Fife Coastal Path
16th June 8 – 13 Hours!! The 24 in 12!
2nd September (Optional) 6-8 Hours!! Ben Lomond

As well as the formal training above participants will all (of course) be encouraged to any walking they want to do on their own.

In addition to the training walks and the main event on the 16th of June 2018 we have also added in a final celebration activity later in the year, climbing a Munro! For a number of our participants over the years, the Walk with the Foundation:24in12 event has been the first time they have really walked in our glorious countryside, never mind contemplating scaling a Munro, so this year we have added an optional trip to Ben Lomond on 2nd September 2018.